Have unique cultural value. The production process and way of working best with our ENVIROMENT, is what we want to share.

The sandals are a product we design in collaboration with NDAVAA, a cooperative formed mostly by indigenous women in the state of Oaxaca. These women combine our design with their traditional indigenous style creating a contemporary footwear piece. Natural dyes from the cochinilla, plants, flowers, and fruits are used in the production of the sandals. Our materials are 100% local. Since we are committed to nature, our products come from natural or recycled sources. For the manufacturing of the wool textiles a pedal loom or waist loom (wooden structures that are worked by hand) is used. the process is based on natural inputs such as tree bark and leaves that are regenerated by nature over time, it is important to us that the process is environment companionable.   We are proud having the “Manos Indigenas” stamp, labeled by the government, and look to carry on the historical importance and culture backgrounds of Mexican artisanship.

How it started by Regina GS

I developed FullMexa empowered to build something for myself were I could thrive my creativity. I was fortunate to meet Edy , Clara´s son, she is the leader of the community in Oaxaca, that offer me the opportunity to create a product of value that gives back to my community helping woman to provide and care for their families while also helping conserve a craft of handmade sandals from Mexican heritage and the environment, promoting slow fashion.

Slow fashion

In FULLMEXA we are committed to promote a more conscious way of consumption by only creating slow fashionproducts which means:  the revalue of all the process, artisans, designers, techniques, resources, a much slower and delicate work, better quality, and more responsible and aware with their environment; slowing down the rhythm of shopping and consumption. is shopping with consciousness and  attentive. timeless pieces. Is all about quality instead of quantity, pieces that can last for years or even a lifetime, it has a purpose it is sustainable , and does not consider products as disposable; it is ethical and analyzes the connections between things: raw materials, the environment, human work, opposing  fashion produced in supra-industrial quantities.